Sunday, September 10, 2006

406 Cabin temperature Sensor Unit

If your cabin temperature goes haywire, this guy could be the culprit. The temp sensor is located above the head where the reading lights is located. The IR open/close door tx/rx is also housed there.

Took out the temp sensor unit and cleaned. Dirt was wrapping the sensor thus the feedback wasn't that responsive. It has a small dc fan that will suck in cabin air while the thermister will sense the temp which provide feedback signals to control the hot/cold air flap to mix the set/desired temperature. After cleaning the thermister and the fan fins, the unit now is more responsive.

Damp/moist Cotton bud will do the trick. This is quite an easy task.

The Motor spins better and the thermister senses better now.

Happy Motoring..........

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Good info. Keep them coming.

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